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    artist: Leon Tukker

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    Hello, I’m Shelley Duvall - REMIX

    brb screaming myself to death



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     LIGHT is TIME at Triennale di Milano, during the period of Milan Design Week. by Tsuyoshi Tane

    The design of the “installation art” was developed by Tsuyoshi Tane(DGT), a renowned Paris-based architect, together with CITIZEN’s in-house design team. Celebrating the theme of “LIGHT is TIME,” the installation is comprised of the main plates — the main movement plate that forms the foundation of all watches. The 80,000 main plates suspended in air create an inspirational space for our exhibition at Triennale di Milano

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    Anthony Watmough and Justin Horo of the Manly Sea Eagles

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    this could be an editorial 

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    So I found this


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wanna buy some drugs


    wanna buy some drugs

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    Dancers by Tricia Cronin

  10. 🌺 (at Brooklyn Heights)

    🌺 (at Brooklyn Heights)

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    Charles Dance fanboying about Dame Judi Dench and Dame Maggie Smith

    Queens of Awesome

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    This Mexican fire opal looks like a sunset above the clouds when illuminated just right.
    Image credit: Jeff Schultz

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  14. Just blue myself (at Brooklyn Heights)

    Just blue myself (at Brooklyn Heights)