1. bearhuggr-deactivated20130810 said: You and your guy seem to live a very intersting life, full of travel and good food etc. What is it that you two do for a living and to what do you attest your desire for those kinds of adventures?

    he’s a web designer and I work in hospital administration, but I’m also in school for massage therapy.  I couldn’t be happier with the choice to transition to a career in the wide world of bodywork, it just means long and weird hours at both work and school for a few more months.

    the rest of our free time we keep pretty busy too. too many interests and not enough hours in the day!  there will always be time for food though.  always.  as for traveling, as much as I love new york it’s always great to get a change of pace  and see something new, and leaving makes me appreciate nyc way more (for a little while at least)  we have a long list of destinations to get to that is constantly evolving, sadly it will be a while before we can get away again though. thankfully autumn in new england/brooklyn is perfect for staycationing and adventures

    thanks, great questions bud :)

    edit: and thanks for the perfect 4000th post material. I had no idea I was that high haha. that’s a whole lotta tumblin